How To Organise Your Thoughts: Eliminate The Sleepers

Step 1: Understand that there are two paths that thoughts enter consciousness.

When the brain senses trouble in either one of the below domains, it must increase stress hormone production.

Domain #1: Perceived stress, our thoughts.


Domain #2: Cellular stress.

In either case, the brain will increase the production of cortisol until the stressor has left the system, or the brains perceived stress has left consciousness.

You have two problems, domain one and tow.

However, domain 2 intensifies domain 1. Here is an example.

Domain 2 is on, which switches on domain 1, and your thoughts, energy and mood goes south. . . here is what’s happening in your brain:

If something goes wrong in our life and we make the mistake of making it personal telling yourself a shit story about “how it is”, you’re dirtying up your mind with some dangerous shit.

Every thought we have activates a cluster of neurons that send an action potential down the axons to cross synapse that releases neurotransmitters.

If we keep reactivating this network, it becomes more powerful because surrounding glial cells feed the cluster and it becomes thicker and stronger.

We are literally talking ourselves out of success and feeding failure on SO MANY levels.

Never make it personal, you didn’t fail, your preparation fail.

Now, if you can eliminate domain 2, you will turn off what scientists call the pregnenolone steal freeing up your ability to produce more DHEA.

Press play for an in-depth look:

We all think about 60 to 70 thousand thoughts a day, and scientists have also found that 80% of our thoughts are negative about ourselves or the environment which engages survival mode.

Guess what?

Your thoughts don’t NEED to be organised, they well calm down when domain 2 operates at homeostatic balance more often, but how?

Sleepers, eliminate what I call light sleepers that cause CELL STRESS switching on domain 2 and disorganised thoughts.

Cell stress CAUSES cortical stress (domain 1) and leads to weak thoughts and weak personality traits.

Your subconscious mind is intelligent, and knows it’s cells are sick, so it signals neural pathways in the brain that lead to behavioural responses such as avoidance and alarm.

Motivation CRASHES TOO:

Alarm & Avoidance:

The subconscious has three primary roles, 1) keeping you alive, 2) looking after cellular stress, and 3) learning mindsets to improve your life.

  • Example. Hungry? Maybe it’s this. . .
  • Lacking cofactors
  • Low sodium causes a stress response and cravings.
  • Personal fat threshold and insulin resistance causing brain energy crisis and energy storage malfunctions
  • A high juxtaposition of Omega 6:3 that causes low-level inflammation
how to organise your thoughts:
  • Out of control gluconeogenesis, the body using cortisol to make glucose under the silent Procrustean hammer of chronic inflammation
  • Mito toxins, convenience food full of AGE’s, ALE’s, aldehydes, estrogen mimics that crash endothelial function and more.
  • Poor Redox Homeostasis (Antioxidant pool)
  • Cravings are feelings sent to your conscious mind by the subconscious because it knows your cells are sick. It’s forcing you to get cofactors to switch on metabolic pathways, genes and enzymes but, oftentimes, we reach for more AGE’s, ALE’s, aldehydes, estrogen mimics which is not helpful.

Cravings are… oh shit I’m stressed and overthinking (Inflammation triggered Alarm and avoidance)

Hunger is… oh shit, look at the time, time to eat.

Under the Procrustean hammer of inflammation, you lose your money maker and pool of key regulatory neurotransmitters along with BDNF:

BDNF Stimulates A LOT Of Cool Pathways

  1. Fast growing brain and memory recall and consolidation
  2. Synaptic connection strength
  3. Automatic growth of dendrites for new learning
  4. Increases molecular processes that sharpen cognition and memory
  5. New neurons and glial cells
  6. Eliminates oxidative stress and screens out bacteria
  7. Consistent Pool of Key Executive Regulatorily Neurotransmitters
  8. Stimulates stem cells to divide that rejuvenate and repair both the brain and body

If you’d like help, and want this all worked our for you, reach out to me:


Living Better, Stronger, Faster Is My Passion.

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