How to improve influencing skills (First steps)

The game of power is frowned upon today, however, what I’ve come to learn is that people who succeed make it to higher ground because they have mastered the game. Successful people may appear to be humble at times, and even show weakness, but, these are all power moves used to further their success and status.

For most people, the game of power is playing out all around them unconsciously, they are blindfolded to those who know the rules and properties. They don’t understand the properties of power and how to use it indirectly as people of higher standing do. It’s in your best interest to learn the game, and if making it to higher ground, higher rank and success is important to you, realise this is how you make it to higher ground.

Most people (as I was in the past) are bunglers of power, and hurt and mane a great many people, even with the best of intentions. But when you learn the basic properties of power and play the game consciously, you become a better dad, husband, friend and ascend to higher standing and ground without much resistance.

People notice your calmness and are drawn to you because, in their eyes, you are a source of power and pleasure. You know the properties of power, and don’t blunder with its power burning and hurting others and yourself.

One property of power you might use is indirectness, you play your role outwardly dangling decoys moving people towards your cause. But inwardly, unless you’re a bungler, you’ll learn to be prudent and influence people from afar.

Using the subtle art of indirectness, you’ll outmanoeuvre the bunglers, they won’t realise you’ve done anything at all. And if they don’t realise, they will not resist; they will instead be moved to help you, and your mission in life.

It’s in our best interest to leverage the art of indirectness, and not tell others that they’re wrong; doing so will engender such emotions as resentment and lead to backstabbing.

The sign of intelligence then, is the ability to show them another path, one that excites, empowers and leads them to higher ground.

As a starter, use 3rd person examples; that way you’re indirectly providing the path, and paradoxically, they will credit you with the breakthrough.

A word of caution, your cause must be for the greater good; do not use these powers moves to hurt, steal or dis-empower people, or you will suffer the backhand of karma.

If you’re on their mind in a positive way, and your mission is of good intention and cause, you will rise fast to higher ground and status.

This is part of Project Phoenix.

Step 1: Mastery over oneself. [One week]
Step 2: Reading other peoples motives. [One week]
Step 3: Learning how to influence others to help your mission. [Two weeks]

Project Phoenix: The mastery of influencing self and others

Project Phoenix has been distilled from many books and courses from people who have mastered the art of influence and power.

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