The Stress Whisperer Lies To You

“The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.”
—Chuck Palahniuk

We are here for a short time and a good time, so why not learn how to rev the V8 hormonal engine and feel what it’s like to have consistent energy, ambition and drive? To know what it feels like to walk around lean and muscular without too much effort or counting stupid calories?

Do you want to feel the power and grunt of V8 hormones, or the power of stress hormones? Stress hormones are catabolic meaning they break things down, including our resolve to win. Stress hormones whisper to us, “now is not a good time, you can do this tomorrow.”

V8 hormones are the opposite, they are anabolic and build things us, including your sexual performance become as one goes up the other goes down. The V8 hormones SHOUT to us, “you can do this, to hell with what they think.”

Do you want stress hormones to win? I betting you don’t and that’s why you are reading this book. You want to know how I got off TRT after being on for over ten years? My Dr said that once you are “on” TRT, you cannot go off. Well that is simply because my Dr is behind the smokescreen; there is new cutting-edge science that says you can. I got off TRT and my meat and two veg are doing just fine.

A few years back now, I finally realised that the thoughts we think, the emotions we feel, and the amount of energy we produce every day, is driven by hormones. And without too much effort, we can go from a 4-cylinder stress-based engine to a V8. You can have a standard V8, or you can as I have, stick a supercharger on top and then, my friend, you will know what it feels like to have lions blood coursing through your veins.

Yes, testosterone has its downside at high natural levels. We tend to “think” we can do everything and do not need to listen to advice. We turn into know it all’s. That is not what I want for you or myself. We must be willing to listen, I mean truly listen to all perspectives. The V8 hormones need to fuel the power of forward momentum, courage, and motivation, however, only once we have all the facts. If you let them, they will lead you astray, and you might lose money, friends and business partners.

In March 2018, I adopted a mindset after listening to a couple of scientists. They said a good scientist would try and prove a theory or idea wrong before they even consider believing it. The scientist also said: ”If I’m wrong, educate me, don’t belittle me.” A great attitude.

Whenever you hear something that needs questioning from an authority, including me, you need to ask yourself, is that true. Base everything on the results you want. As you will soon learn, most people and authorities behind the smokescreen don’t have elite results, they struggle and call that life. Do you want that life?

I’m not here to play it safe and wake up at 60, 70, 80 and be thinking, what happened?

So for me, if I have V8 hormones flowing and a wise and prudent mindset, it makes everything easier, motivation, fat loss, good energy and winning. That is the foundation for you to fulfil your true potential in life. And I can tell you, this is when you become more curious, and curiosity leads to passion and purpose.

However, if you are run by stress hormones, strap your seatbelt on, it’s going to get a little bumpy. You give in more, feel regret more and second guess tour ability. The worst thing that can happen to you is what I call the “stress whisperer”. What is the stress whisperer? That voice that says you can do it tomorrow, now is not a good time.” You know the one. Would that happen if you have V8 hormones flowing? How much ground are you losing because of the stress whisperer?

So yes, I know what it’s like to have self-defeating thoughts that just pop up from nowhere. I know what it’s like to wake up in the morning and have low energy and your mood is up and down all over the place. Seems like a normal human thing, doesn’t it?

I know what it’s like to pay for TRT and also have low libido. As it turns out, supplementing testosterone inhibits other hormones that raise your sexual performance. Testosterone is a player, but there are a team of hormones in the playing field. In chapter 2, I will uncover the main players in sexual performance, and how being on TRT lowers sexual performance and sperm count, and alarmingly hematocrit. R

If you hematocrit is high, this means that you have more red blood cells than what is considered healthy.

Understand though, the reason a lot of us feel like we’re getting old, is because our V8 hormones tap out and we become what I call stress-hyper-responders. As stress goes up, testosterone and DHEA go down.

Unfortunately, stress at those levels inhibits and LOWERS the two main players in maintaining feelings of feeling confidence and well-being: DHEA and Testosterone. R

This is an excerpt in my new book coming out December 3rd, my wedding anniversary. It’s called: How I mastered my hormones and got off TRT at 47.

In the meantime, would you like to work with me to help you get the V8 hormonal engine flowing?

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