The War On Our Freedom Is Coming

I choose freedom over tyrannical coercion. Listen to Australia Senator Alex Antic

In preparation for the war on our freedom, we need to start listening to the leaders who stand for freedom, not control.

Mark Iron

Australia Senator Alex Antic:

Would anyone still be afraid if not for the incessant propaganda of the corporate media, Cabal and a bureaucratic class? The greatest emergency I see is a lack of strength. And of course, the pattern continues with the lamentable World Health Organization declaring a monkey pox as a global health emergency while the White House is now pivoting to the monkey pox emergency without even batting an eyelid. And coming up next is the so-called climate crisis. South Australia’s Parliament recently declared a climate emergency with no real evidence. And the proposed solution is transforming the economy to net zero emissions quite a goal, but how exactly it will be achieved? Well, here’s the spoiler alert. it’ll involve more government control over your life, restricting your ability to run businesses how you want, restricting your ability to buy what you want, go where you want, along with soaring food, fuel and electricity prices. People do strange and terrible things when they’re afraid. They behave emotionally and look for people to blame. Those who want rational debate and value freedom over the promise of safety and now labeled as threats to the public. We saw this with people who refuse COVID mRNA injections, they were called anti vaxxers. Conspiracy theorists just for wanting transparency and not wanting to be locked in their homes. Sure, we’ll see that with climate lock downs to Australians need to be aware that whether through apathy or by design, we are allowing our liberty to be sacrificed at the altar of safety. The weapon is fear. The remedy is the emergency declaration. As Edmund Burke said no passion so effectively robs the mind of powers of acting and reasoning, as does fear. Aspiring tyrants know this well and will continue to exploit it. The game plan is to hold us in a perpetual state of emergency until absolute power is obtained. Don’t sit by the sidelines and watch our freedom fade away. You better get involved before it’s too late.

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