The Winter Diet

Is Making Us Slower, Sicker, Dumber and Fatter.

Do you find it difficult to lose weight?

Do you find it hard to maintain mental focus?

Do you find sticking to a plan or goal difficult?

Well, the cause is most likely the winter diet.

I had the winter diet and had no clue. I was trained as a personal trainer and still had no clue. I’ll reveal why soon.

The winter diet triggers constant low-grade inflammation and hyperactivates cortisol production. Cortisol runs a complex triage program; I will outline it soon.

I have the solution in a simple plan at the bottom of this page. 😀

The Winter Diet (Overview)

The winter diet is simply having a high omega-6-3 ratio of fats in your cells. Don’t concern yourself with this now.

  1. Slows the metabolism at a cellular level.
  2. Slows protein synthesis including collagen, skin, hair, neurotransmission, gene expression and more.
  3. Chronic low-grade inflammation triggering alarm and avoidance and cortical inhibition (A&A + CI).
  4. Higher cholesterol domain formation and poor cellular health.
  5. Difficulty resolving inflammation and pain. (resolvins protectins and maresins)
  6. Higher oxidative stress.
  7. Increased arachidonic acid activity (Omega 6 metabolite) which has been shown to be a potent cancer fuel 1
  8. Hyperactive HPA-axis resulting in increased cortisol production slowing a process called fibroblasts that synthesizes the extracellular matrix and collagen production, resulting in stretch marks, cellulite and saggy skin.
  9. Ironically causes glucocorticoid (cortisol) resistance and increased pain and inflammation.
  10. Decreases brain function by lowering dopamine and serotonin levels, long-term resulting in lower quality of life and success.
  11. Lower energy production and motivation.
  12. Places a constitutive clamp (always on) on your MOJO output, low libido and confidence.
  13. Difficulty maintaining a lean healthy physique.

Again, don’t sweat it because remember, I had the winter diet; however, today I don’t. It’s a simple test you can order online to find out. Then you can adjust and move your ratio in the right direction with easy.

In a book by Susan Allport called The Queen of Fats, she mentioned that the scientists including Dr William Lands who worked with omega-3 fats have different ideas as to why the government and health officials are taking so long to digest the new information.

One scientist said it’s a matter of economics; so the signal to noise ratio is almost 0—meaning you either have to have a major metabolic malfunction to hear the signal—or lucky enough to hear the signal over mainstream dogma and pay attention to it before it becomes a major metabolic malfunction as it did for me.

Did you know that if you have a high ratio of omega-6-3, (omegas are essential fatty acids), it inflames your brain?

Yep, scientists like Lands shown in studies that not only does a high ratio inflame the brain, but it makes the brain angry or anxious by default, and a brain that underperforms. 2

By default! One of the reasons I developed anxiety.

A study over 39 years demonstrated with a higher omega-6-3 ratio also accompanied some pretty poor attitudes. Makes sense, right? If our brain is inflamed and angry, our behaviour must follow.

Before moving on, Dr, William Lands discovered in the ’70s the Omega-3 offspring, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) was at least 5-fold less potent as an inflammatory and pain signal than arachidonic acid (AA), the Omega-6.

It comes down to simple math. If you have a high omega-6 ratio, say 20:1, then here is the problem:

Land discovered in the 70s:

  • EPA slow the reaction down by a factor of 5.
  • Current Government nutritional guidelines = 20:1 or higher.

The math:

  • AA is five times more potent as a pain/inflammation signaller.
  • The ratio is 20 times higher than what our ancient genes expect.

5 x 20 = 100 more inflammatory and pain signalling.

100 times more likely to feel like crap, give in more and wrongly believe it a character flaw—IT’S NOT!

Bottom Line: The Current Nutritional Guidelines Are So Juxtaposed To What The Research Demonstrates Our Ancient Genes Expect And Thrive On At A DEEP Hormonal Level.

If you have the winter diet, it puts a clamp on your energy and MOJO and hyperactivates cortisol. The result, you feel tired, have cravings, or become moody and distracted for no reason.

The older you get, the slower you become—20s are okay, 30s not so much, and 40s well, shit hits the metabolic fan. We get used to it and call it ageing—it’s not, you’re leaving so much life and success on the table.

What side influences you the most?

PoS Juiced or Pod Juiced?

If you have the winter diet, you could be struggling in the RED for no reason.

You’re not broken, you just haven’t figured this out, yet.

It took me 46 years and a serious health condition that I nearly died from FORCING me to figure this out FAST!

Learn from my experience. 😀

The Problem:

The Winter Diet fuels pain and inflammation, sore joints, cancer, heart disease, ages you faster, and the list goes on and on; it’s a metabolic mess.

The problem for you—The Winter Diet drives a steady-state of PoD juice (inflammation, pain, low dopamine and serotonin, and high cortisol levels).

What’s worse, the winter diet adversely impacted my energy, motivation and thoughts weakening my resolve mentally, but physically, it was the root cause of my struggle with asthma, hypertension, and shoulder arthritis (which was the catalyst for five shoulder surgeries I should have never had).

Imagine how much undue stress this may have caused you.

Point #3: Increased pain signalling—slowing getting worse from 20 to 30.

Point #4: Constant low-grade inflammation, fighting alarm and avoidance constantly.

Low-grade inflammation causes permeability of the blood-brain-barrier and leads to neurological disorders. R

Does that sound like memory loss and cognitive decline that we’re told is “normal” ageing? It’s Not!

Point #5: Depleted serotonin and loss of trophic support.

Point #6: Increased cortisol production.

Point #7: Decreased fluidity of the cell membrane, meaning slower metabolism, especially for the brain, making it harder to fuel the energy-hungry human brain—the Prefrontal cortex or what I call the President of Success (PoS) .

A brief interlude…

Announcing the President of Success (PoS) the prefrontal cortex (PFC). Research scientists such as Robert Salpoksly, a professor at Stanford University, says that when the PoS has the juice, it delays gratification and chooses to do the harder thing even if it terrifies you.

Announcing the President of defence (PoD) the amygdala. Its skill sets include but not limited to worrying about what other people think, feeling anxious or pissy, hesitating, and put things off.

When the PoD has the juice, it is automatically rewiring you to become more like it—yikes!

Let’s have a quick look at the skillsets of the PoS we’re most interested in:

Focus, discipline, higher thinking, objective thinking, planning, problem-solving—BIG picture thinking are some of its skills.

However, the four most important to ANY success you want are the following:

(1) It creates success! All human achievements go through the PoS, including that device you’re reading this on now.

(2) Long Game—Delaying gratification and success share a close partnership; many studies show this.

(3) The PoS chooses to the harder and right thing in a difficult moment even if it terrifies you because of the following point.

(4) The PoS inhibits the PoD. Let me repeat this: The PoS INHIBITS the PoD.

The primary role of the PoS: Growth and creation of the self, intelligence included.

Do you want to change your BoP? I’m sure you do!

The PoS enhances life: If we believe our world is a wonderful and beautiful place full of helpful people, our thoughts, emotions, relationships and entire life will be totally magnificent.

Do the above skills look like what we admire most about our heroes, the 1% club, and who we aspire to be?

The more skill you hand over to the PoS, the more your mind is set free to create wealth, show up strong, and perform as the 1% do.

Point #8: Altered receptors, enzymes, transporters, and ion channels, meaning slower memory, slower neurotransmitters, slower you.

Point #9: Serotonin and dopamine pathway alterations (and not in a good way) so we’re less active and motivated. Sound familiar?

It’s not something you feel; it’s something most people slowly habituate to in their 20s to 30s; low energy, more niggling joint pain and headaches, and crappy moods.

The Winter Diets slowly and quietly slows you down, and Authority 2 call this “normal” ageing—it’s not. Believe that!

The solution is simple, and it’s at the bottom of this page!

The winter diet is endorsed by “The System”, vegetable oils:

Inflammatory food, such as cheap-ass mayonnaise. Multiple studies have shown that seed oils contain hydroperoxides of linoleic acid (Omega-6, Winter Diet Fuel) decompose to aldehydes in the stomach before being absorbed into the body producing systemic inflammation for up to 24-hours. R

The Solution

All the easy steps in my book you can get on Amazon now.

The great news is the price for my book is around what you pay for an exceptional quality cappuccino. $5.49.

The problem for most people is, they don’t take action up until they’re 40 and older when it becomes a serious health issue.

But at 30, most people chalk it down to getting older, and use a skill of the PoD—they put it off.

Don’t be most people.

I’m 48, and I’ve never felt better—don’t get left behind—it’s your right to walk around leaner, smarter, feeling spicey, and healthy AF!

Here’s the thing, if you want more awesome moments from life, you’ve likely tried this and that in the past, you’ve read books, taken courses, and a LOT of them didn’t work.

Is it our lack of commitment?

Is it our lack of character?


We’re not broken or weak, our body has HIDDEN stressed like the Winter Diet, and when you take the stress out of the body, it unlocks the mind.

Get my book on Amazon now. Don’t get left behind like most people.

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