There’s a big difference between empathy and compassion

I’ll always have compassion ride shotgun with me because it keeps my emotional energy positive and profoundly empowers others you encounter.

Let me explain how.

Now if you lead with empathy, we are buying into the other person’s emotional energy; the mirror neurons of the brain are lighting up emotional areas, so we feel what they feel.

Is that good thing?

Not if you want to be an empowering leader that attracts people to you in a positive way.

Consider for a moment, if their energy is negative, that’s not going do you or the other person any benefit.

We have to change that emotional energy to be positive and move them to an empowered physiological state.

There’s been a lot of research done on compassion, and compassion is a very positive place to put your physiology.

So, when you’re in front of the person … oh, and incidentally, this is a skill of the subconscious mind, and I’ll talk about how you can achieve that at the end.

So, when you’re in front of that person you are in a positive emotional state, and that person subconscious feeds this energy through them, and they’ll start changing their energy to be very positive.

And it’s very, very simple to do.

So, in that way what they are doing at an unconscious level is associating that you’re a person they want to be around because you’re changing how they feel in a positive and profound way.

Realise, people don’t remember what you say, it’s HOW you make them FEEL.

Don’t be an empathic ear, instead become an energy changer!

And if you change their state from negative to EMPOWERED, you’re seen in their minds eye as a game changer!

So, when you aquire this subconscious skill, a lot of people are drawn to you.

They want to be around you.

You’re seen as a leader because you empower and imprint positive emotional energy, and that is a powerful thing.

So, the question is, how do you want to lead?

As a game changer or an ear?


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