Tired Of Being Judged?

Right now our subconscious is judging, automatically and powerfully; that much we know through brain imaging studies, which I won’t drive into.

You or I can not stop this, it was selected by evolution to help determine very quickly if someone is a friend, foe or weak.

However, its interpretation is vague and quickly makes a savage snap-judgement.

If one relies on the quick savagery of inexact judgements, they make the greatest of conscious transgressions and are exiling the power of consciousness.

There is no substitute for gathering accurate conscious knowledge.

Their autopilot is in control.

When one is driven predominantly by autopilot, they are not in control of their conscious power, and it fails to evolve.

On autopilot, one’s ability to think and generate wealth is finite; above that, however, the seat of consciousness, one’s ability is infinite.

People who achieve great things operate from the seat of consciousness; they realise that their autopilot is a crude interpreter of the facts, and it’s reading the other persons CURRENT mood which is never accurate.

And mood can be driven by something simple, such as the love of caramel!

Say Starbucks fails to put caramel in their latte, and they are somewhat pissed! Their mood is now spiced up unconsciously with frustration.

If you encounter this person, you will experiencing their frustration, their vibe is off, you feel this even if the other person tries to hide it.

If you want more power, you must learn how to read the first messy draft the subconscious sends; in the form of a vibe or feeling.

That is the junction between subconscious and consciousness operation; the point where consciousness can step in and take control.

If you want power, you must learn how to take control of this most important junction.

Portals to Power:

First, our subconscious mind reads others vibes or feeling, and sends them to you in a vague and quick thin-slice packaged up in a feeling, but not in the way you assume.

You see, through millions of years of evolution the subconscious scans the face for subtle nuances, the posture to see if it’s aggressive, weak or friendly, and tonality of voice, and appearance or stereotyping.

The subconscious quickly extrapolates from the data, then unconsciously triggers our brains spindle cells working in tandem with its social regions to make an automatic snap judgement.

Is this a friend, foe or someone who is weak?

It’s a crude and savage interpretation from primal regions of the brain.

This is where the handing over to the conscious mind must take place if one wants to evolve their consciousness.

Second, emotional energy pays our way through life.

The autopilot is perfectly positioned to assist, but should never be allowed to create and control emotional energy. Intercept at the junction and take control, evolve your consciousness.

As Walt Whitman said: “Be curious, not judgmental.”

Third, is this person speaking through a mood or insecurity?

Sometimes, words are used by the ego to buy time or inflate stature; words have the ability to be misinterpreted according to the other person’s mood and insecurities.

You must be able to consciously interpret their mood and words to acquire power and the upper hand.

If they’re predominantly looking at the floor, it’s possible that they are not being completely honest. You keep this to yourself and find out the facts.

In contrast, if they are looking up, they are retrieving memories from actual experience and are more than likely being honest. But again, this person could be telling you part of the truth.

What do you do?

For one, you can look to see if their actions are congruent with their word in the past.

I use what I call a five vector vibe profiler that I have trained my subconscious mind to read, and once read, consciously extrapolate and interpret.

This information is out there, I’ve simply taken what works best for myself and trained the subconscious help me get the upper hand.

To the trained eye, their subconscious can pick up on this easily even though their face only reveals their true intentions for just milliseconds.

They pick up on things like contempt and disingenuous intentions even though others believe they aren’t showing their hand.

Here’s the caveat, you’ll never know they know, that’s why they hold the power.

Forth, to heighten your power, you must think of the long-term effects on your actions and words that create emotional energy in others because it will powerfully predict your success or lack thereof.

To acquire and keep power, one must learn how to be at the junction and take over control.

Bottom line: If we’re caught being incongruent with what we say and what we do, the other person’s subconscious registers a damaging hit; but the hit is to OUR integrity.

Mark – School4Success

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