[ELIMINATE #3] Tryptophan Steal

Would you like to see what the scientists have now shown that target your energy and mood to plummet triggering the avoidance in your brain?
It’s an ingenious system selected for by evolution, IF you’re fighting an infection, cold or injury.

Trouble is, there are varying levels, low mood and energy = small cellular stress.

Some people reach for coffee, and coffee contains catechols that AMPLIFY stress because the COMT gene (stress hormone metabolism) is overworked. Caffine get a bad name, when in fect catechols are the main problem here because:

The COMT gene metabolises stress hormones, estrogen and estrogen mimics, catechols and catechols mimics.

This overworked gene has NO chance clearing out stress hormones, so they build up and cause glucocorticoid resistance, and yep that devastating to your metabolism but, easily reversed!

The 5th video in this series will show you how to optimise this gene and metabolise stress hormones giving you and unfair advantage because you’ll have a large stress buffer!