How to increase CELLULAR speed and protection

This is NOT to be confused with a short lived thermic effect from supplements or exercise! This is what the scientists have uncovered that constitutively increases metabolism and protein synthesis; not just muscles, collagen, skin, hair! It also increases cognitive speed, memory recall and consolidation too. This research has been buried since the early 70s […]

Is Mind Priming Possible?

Mind priming is indeed possible and it’s happening to you every day. Here I show you what the researchers say we need to do to protect ourselves. Mind priming has been well researched. Researchers have published brain imaging studies that shine the torch on what parts of the brain are active during these controlled primes. Very […]

How To Increase Androgen Output, DHEA & Sex Hormones

What Iv’e learned from the research has enabled me to come off hormone replacement therapy (HRT) after being on for over 10 years, and I’m 47. Increasing DHEA and sex hormones is something I know how to do, and it was made possible through the cutting edge new research that ISN’T mainstream, yet. If this […]

How To Increase Antioxidant Protection

Here is a video that will show you how to increase antioxidant protection and stop: 1) Early onset mitochondrial dysfunction (slowing energy pathways) 2) lipid peroxidation leading to cholesterol domain formation and poor cellular health Somewhere in there I’ll show you the [su_highlight background=”#f40c03″ color=”#ffffff”]cofactor blueprint[/su_highlight] that scientists have found increases antioxidant protection. [timed-content-client show=”3:0:0″ […]

Is Food Just Energy And Mouth Pleasure?

No, nutrition (food) is the key to unlocking cognitive and physical performance. I have provided THREE videos below in an effort to bridge the gap The first a short 5 minute video covering how cofactors and nutrition impacts your day, performance and personality. (More in-depth look covering personality here>> 9 stages of program your personality) [su_highlight […]

HOW: 9 Stages Of Mood Program Your Personality

VIDEO: Press the play button: Thoughts create neurotransmitters, neurotransmitters create neuropeptides, neuropeptides enter the bloodstream and bind to glands. This stimulates the body to make POWERFUL hormones that produce feelings. I had anxiety, panic attacks, and high blood pressure because my cellular intelligence was inflamed. Our mood is tightly regulated by low grade inflammation because, […]

Red Stress, DHEA And Sex Hormones

VIDEO below is a walk-through that covers: Part 1: What red stress is. Part 2: Optimising yellow stress will uptick DHEA, sex hormones and pulse growth (health span) Part 3: How to not give a fuck about what other people think [su_service title=”Step 2: Watch the next video” icon=”icon: arrow-down” icon_color=”#fb1211″][/su_service] [su_button url=”” style=”glass” background=”#ff2629″ […]

Cortical Inhibition, The Brain Going Supernova

Why is it that what we consciously want, the brain sabotages our efforts with self-doubt and makes us feel inferior, and we’re probably wasting our time? [su_spacer] Your brain will avoid anything above survival needs at all costs; it whispers: “Hey, we can do this tomorrow, now’s not a good time.” Or “Hey, this doesn’t […]

How Vitamins (Cofactors) Increase Your Performance

Ever wonder why getting vitamins are important? (Watch the 5-minute video below to find out.) If you take out the emotion of food, it’s just carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, aminos, EFA and cofactors — and when it enters the guts endothelial cells, it’s not treated as emotion, its just energy and cellular building material. Nutrition […]

Lets start the cognitive dominoes falling

New vLog here today, I hope you enjoy 🙂 The emotional state we’re in at any given time shaded our perceptions, thoughts, and memories. This is because neurotransmitters create the mood also fire with other neurons to create thoughts and memories. The more that you are in a particular mood, the more prone you’ll be […]