Unlock more genetic potential and lower disease odds with the science of genetic testing.

Because you’re not here to be average.

Diet, genes and health. Can you unlock more genetic potential and stop disease with the science of genetic testing?

You can. Dr Anthony Jay, PhD in this video shows us simple and easy ways we can enhance our genetics and unlock your genetic potential.

Now, my genetics are kind of low performing, to say the least. I had arthritis, asthma, high blood pressure, anxiety, anxiety attacks and I have the worst obesity genes you can have. However, I’m lean at 49, blood pressure is optimal and anxiety, asthma and all that metabolic dysfunction is a thing of the past.

Watch this episode to find out how.

1:38 How fake vitamin E (tocopherol) causes inflammation. However, natural tocotrienols are safe.
3:00 How my genes produce more inflammation than average via CRP and interleukin 6 (IL-6). However, at the end of this podcast, Dr Jay show’s you how to cool off this gene.
5:55 Fake vitamin E is even in fish oil, be careful.
6:22 Fake vitamin E has been shown in studies to fuel cancer.
8:15 How that simple rise in inflammation can drive poor brain function and lowers DHEA, testosterone and endorphins.
11:05 How vitamin B12 need special attention.
12:02 If I was a vegan, my genes would constantly underperform and I’d be pretty dull.
13:55 Serotonin gene receptor (HTR2A)
16:40 How serotonin and dopamine can be disrupted by supplementation 18:55 The COMT gene and dopamine.
21:48 Pain sensitivity genes
23:30 Muscle strength genes
24:35 Joint inflammation genes driving arthritis triggered by HIGH insulin and advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs)
28:00 Blood flow genes
29:15 Collagen genes and glycine
30:40 Magnesium and sleep genes
32:50 How magnesium powers the energy your cell produce
34:15 Vitamin D and Testosterone genes
37:10 You can significantly raise testosterone naturally if you tick all the pathway boxes.
39:40 How to clear artificial estrogen out of your body.
43:22 Thyroid gene.
45:25 Black and green tea can impact thyroid function through fluoride. 46:30 Autophagy is a scanner, and it scans for dead, diseased, malfunctioning, precancerous and cancerous cells and uses them to produce energy and recycles them into other cellular building materials.
49:20 Low testosterone lets your freedom slip away. Don’t be okay with low or average levels.
54:00 Gluten
54:25 Start ticking the performance boxes.
57:55 FTO gene and obesity
59:25 How can you outcompete the FTO gene and stay lean with ease? Let me reveal the secret.
1:01:50 How fast food increases your artificial estrogen load by up to 50 per cent
1:02:40 Milk, soy and gluten are addictive because it stimulates your opioid receptors, and makes you feel good for 10 minutes or so.

If you’d like Dr Jay to enhance your genes?

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Just Let Dr Jay know Mark Iron set you 😊

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