How Vitamins (Cofactors) Increase Your Performance

Ever wonder why getting vitamins are important?

(Watch the 5-minute video below to find out.)

If you take out the emotion of food, it’s just carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, aminos, EFA and cofactors — and when it enters the guts endothelial cells, it’s not treated as emotion, its just energy and cellular building material.

Nutrition signals hormones and metabolic pathways; you can look at nutrition in three ways: energy, cellular materials and signalling molecules that switches on genes and enzymes to run metabolic pathways like androgen’s, DHEA and sex hormones.

Food ist’t religion, its performance. What you put in your mouth over the preceding week is either powering up performance or it’s not, if you want to perform consistently in 2019, supply what you cellular intelligence needs and you will.

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