[ELIMINATE #4] Where’d My MOJO & Passion Go?

As you can now appreciate, there is an intricate roll between stress and MOJO.

Stress should follow the body’s natural rhythm, circadian rhythm.
Steadily rising to midday and then dropping off where melatonin takes over and put’s you to sleep.

MOJO hormones:
DHEA is a neural-steroid, and is important in a feeling of well-being and passion.

The sex hormones are self explanatory.

Also ladies, I found out recently that testosterone is the dominant androgen in your body by 500 to 1000 fold.

Testosterone plays an intricate role in fat loss, muscle preservation, brain health and sexual function.

Ladies, this is for you too 🙂

In this video I’ll explain through the lens of science what we need to do to bring them up to optimal levels.

When you do, maintaining a lean physique and achieving a lean physique comes naturally;\.

I’ll let you in on a little secret that the supp companies don’t want you to know: we’ve evolved to be lean, naturally; it’s your God given right!

Mark – School4success