Why Food Or Coffee Sometimes Fails To Energize

By taking in more food or coffee, you’re potentially clogging up the metabolism and causing inflammation.

That changes the way the brain works, putting it into a state of alarm and avoidance. More on that here.

By taking in that coffee, sure it tastes nice but it WON’T play nice in the metabolism. It’ll can cause some pretty crappy performance.

Being tired is really a sign of an energy pathway problem. 

And reaching for more sleepers (more on this below) it’s going to cause more problems.

I know what you want, the same thing I want. . . the metabolism to be hot and energized with a pool of key regulatory neurotransmitters for an energized and FOCUSED brain.

Again, a lot of times it simply a metabolic pathway clogged up.

I call these sleepers:

They’re simple to eliminate, well the light sleepers.

The heaver sleepers require a bit more work.

Here’s the basic function of caffeine in the system:

1) Caffeine helps liberate energy from the adipocytes and glycogen stores.

2) Caffeine binds to adenosine receptors that compete with adenosine to signal the brain to say “Hey, you’ve worked really hard today, time to wind down”.

3) Coffee contains catechols (that can cause catecholamine cardiotoxicity 💗) that compete for metabolism by the COMT gene. (R)

This could be the main problem and there’s a simple fix.

Please watch the video to see what really happening under the hood because, you might have a metabolic bottle neck ever so simple to fix.

If you want more help or info, comment below or contact me.

If you want performance, you need to unlock it within the metabolism.

Let me show you how: Head here 

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