Why is passion so important?

You hear people talking about passion all the time, so what really is passion?

I did some digging in PubMed and found the answer, if you believe in scientific research you’ll love what I have found.

It’s a favorable biochemical state for both cognitive and physical performance. But with one added benefit, it profoundly increases health span and quality of life.

TWO vectors:

  1. Androgens (Performance and passion) ✅
    1. When you up-tick androgens, you increase DHEA (and sex hormones) which opposes cortisol slowing glucocorticoid production down (cortisol)
  2. Adrenal (Stress outside the circadian rhythm) ❌
    1. When you up-tick adrenal hormone production you:
      1. Slow down androgen production OR shut it off (this is called the pregnanolone steal)
      2. You up-tick prostaglandin series 2 (PG2, image below) which then:
        1. Coagulates the blood, increasing blood pressure
        2. Increases insulin thus increasing water & sodium retention (bloating and lethargy)
        3. Increased inflammation and decreased immune function
        4. The brain then goes into a state of alarm and avoidance… more here

If passion and success are important to you, watch the short 3-minute video below:
[su_vimeo url=”https://vimeo.com/310705580″ autoplay=”yes”]

        1. PG2 activation upon stressor: Inflammation (cellular) or stressful situation (thoughts)
          1. Act’s like hormones and has a short half-life
          2. Can be localised or systemic ( If systemic the pregnenolone steal is on )
          3. Leads to hyperactivity of endocannabinoid system, which IS NOT HELPFUL
          4. Glucocorticoids high, sleep poor and stressed
          5. Robs the brain of serotonin (stable mood) and melatonin (sleep)
        2. PG2 is activated by:
          1. The fight or flight (stressful situation, HPA triggered)
          2. High Omega 6:3
          3. Pro-inflammatory diet
          4. Mito Toxin
          5. Infections
          6. But inflammation of any kind is the root cause

Bottom line, if you up-tick the androgen production, your mood stabalises, you feel energised and importantly, you feel passionate about life!

A little science I found in PubMed.

Androgen’s in the brain are neuroactive steroids, a fuel the brain. They also lower inflammation, however, I’m primarily focusing on performance for now.

Quoted from PubMed:

DHEA in co-operation with other hormones and transmitters significantly affects some aspects of human mood, and modifies some features of human emotions and behavior. It has been reported that its administration can increase feelings of well-being and is useful in ameliorating atypical depressive disorders. It has neuroprotective and antiglucocorticoid activity and modifies immune reactions. Ref

As you can see, you must do everything you can to get these system functioning in synergy.

How do you increase androgen output?

  1. Stress homeostasis
  2. Remove red cellular stress
  3. Optimise yellow stress

Red and yellow stress are terms I have coined. Please see image below:

If you’d like to have a chat with me about how you can switch from stress hormones to performance hormones, book a time to chat with me below:

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