Why Tony Robbins Doesn’t Work For EVERYONE (And How To Fix That)

Have you heard Tony Robbins say, “Change your physiology,” or “change your state?” I can remember in my mid-20s when buying Tony’s CDs, yep CD’s, I’m 49 😁

I put them in that big CD player, Tony sure delivered, I was motivated; it all made sense, and I did change my physiology, but it was fleeting; it washed away in minutes.

When I took it out for a test drive in public, I reverted back to my “old self”.

I thought it was me, I just wasn’t a person that could be “that” person.

I could never stay there for long enough to change my thoughts and become the person I wanted to be.

Many moons later, I found out I was lacking something, which I didn’t know before.

When I spoke with my coach in late 2017, I found out you also need to produce a strong hormonal response.

because the right cocktail of hormones increases human potential, energy, feeling of well-being and vigour.

Some hormones and important regulators of 🧠brain development, physiological function, and positive emotion and actions.

Such as DHEA, which harmonize emotion and has mood-enhancing effects.

Did you know that perceived stress at work is associated with lower levels of DHEA? 👉PMID: 24015247

Did you know that DHEA is a neurosteroid that helps the brain grow stronger in stressful experiences?

In the same way that testosterone helps you get stronger in the gym, DHEA helps your brain get stronger💪

DHEA also helps create feelings of wellbeing, warmheartedness, caring and vigour. 👉PMID: 9737736

I’ll let you in on a little secret; I read a book four years ago by Kelly McGonigal, PhD. She was talking about a Growth Index for a Stress Response. (GISR)

What is the GISR? The ratio of DHEA to cortisol.

I learned for Professor Sapolsky that stress hormones foster negative emotion like self-doubt, guilt, anxiety, hostility and burnout.

As I knew as a mindset coach, the thought we think we become.

In 2016 I FAILED to increase my GISR for 6 months, so I put in on the backburner.

But like you, I want to rise to challenges and be damn excited about them; I don’t want to worry about what other people think. I don’t want to hesitate and second guess my abilities.

Having a crappy GISR makes everything harder, fat loss, feelings of well-being and maintaining consistent focus and energy.

It’s emotionally draining and you flip flop between moods. I used to and I thought it was “normal” but it’s not.

What my mentor taught me back in late 2017 was that we have hidden stress, and when that stress leaves the body your GISR goes up and stays there.

And in January 2018 I finally had the plan to increase my GISR.

So after I implemented what I had learned in January 2018… here’s what happened…

In under 72 hours, I felt pretty nice, energy was flowing and stabilised.

I also had asthma, and in under 7 days, asthma and the debilitating effects of allergies, gone.

But, I was thinking, will this last…?

Well it did, and week after week my GISR was pumping.

My GISR was higher and flowing but, I was only 60% the way there, I had more work to do, but I didn’t know that at the time.

Imagine if in 6 weeks your energy and moods were consistent and your mind was clear and curious.

Seems like a stretch I know, because you’ve tried it ALL in the past. So did I, and that’s why I needed help from a coach.

Hormones secretly control so much of our life, and when you clean out the 5 main hormonal systems life gets easy.

Bottom line: At the end of the day, you’ve got two buckets that will set you up for success or failure. You’ve got a bucket full of stress hormones, you’re somewhere in between, or you’re feeling great because you are making Olympian levels of performance hormones.

Understand, you’re not weak, your hormones are weak.

It seems like you know deep down that stress hormones are the glue that keep you stuck and reaching for junk food and booze at the end of the day.

A few hours later, lying in bed you wonder why you keep doing this.

The next day you wake up like a good soldier forcing your way through the day with willpower. Some days are ok, and some days are crap.

You remain stuck having mood swings, energy ups and downs and you call the life.

Very respectfully, do you want to remain stuck?

If you like to give your hormones a supercharge, join me on our 5-Day Elite Human Performance (EHP) Challenge.

Mark Iron,
Your go-to guy for hormones and elite human performance

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