Will 2019 Be The Year You ROAR?

If you get this right, that is to clean up your cellular intelligence, you’ve moved a looooong way in the right direction because, 80 to 90% of our self-sabotaging behaviour is rooted in inflammation at a cellular level.

You see, studies have shown that when we’re inflamed, the brain turns YOU into a C-Player.

And depending on your current phenotype (metabolic snapshot), you could be plagued with inflammation or slowly building it.

However, you won’t notice this silent C-player taking over.

It’s what most people call life, and by day’s end, we sometimes become an F-Player as we reach for salt, sugar, booze and dish out some bad manners.

The good news is you can protect yourself from this C-player brain mode pretty easily.[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 71916″ link=”lightbox” width=”400″ height=”240″ title=”never”]

Here’s what’s REALLY happening to sabotage your goals:

  1. The brain goes into a state of alarm and avoidance:
    1. Alarm: Everything that we’re worried about slaps us in the face and we become overwhelmed and frustrated or fearful and anxious.
    2. Avoidance: We are sick and tired of the day, we want to go home to the cave, sit on the couch with comfort food and maybe some booze to take the edge off.
  2. Cortical inhibition: The brain physically changes, blood is moved from the cortex to the emotional centers.
  3. The pregnenolone steal: Hijacks your sex hormones, drive focus and passion.

(See image below)

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When you’re inflamed, either at a cellular or cogitative level, you’re biochemistry is simply expressing a C-Player phenotype.

Here’s the thing, you’re NOT a C-Player, you’re simply flip-flopping between the two.

Your brain has physically changed into C-player mode: highly emotional and stressed but, you can increase stress buffering to increase both emotional and cellular resilience.

Stress buffering at a cellular level:

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If you want to be successful and live with the freedom you deserve, then you MUST have your cellular Intelligence consistently expressing an A-Player phenotype, it’s that simple.

A-Player blueprint below:

[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 71914″ link=”lightbox” width=”400″ height=”240″ title=”never”]

The great news is you only three cellular modification to titrate yourself back to health and and become an A-Player.

  1. Optimise the 4 main hormonal systems – more androgens like DHEA and sex hormones and optimised stress hormones to energise and keep you focused and driven.
  2. Optimise executive brain function – 2 vectors
    1. Increase the fluidity of the phospholipid bilayer, faster cellular transmission; better memory recall and consolidation.
    2. Put the brain in an anaploritic state (a pool of brain resources, more executive fuel)
  3. Increase stress buffering which has 2 vectors
    1. Up-Regulating the pathways that metabolise stress hormones (no end of day fatigue or reaching for salt, sugar and booze)
    2. Optimise the phospholipid bilayer which takes out 80% of inflammation and importantly lipid peroxidation that leads to cholesterol domain formation.

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Whatever success looks like to you, being a better dad or a better entrepreneur, it all comes down to performance.

When you’re inflamed you’re a C-Player expressing the biochemisty of stress: Alarm and avoidance along with cortical inhibition that is NOT producing MOJO, DHEA and sex hormones… just stress hormones.

Performance is predicated on a clean bill of cellular health.

Realise that your metabolic snapshot (phenotype) IS powering your biochemistry to ameliorate stress or… energizing you with confidence and drive and producing DHEA and sex hormones, and because of that, you’re an A-Player phenotype winning at life!

. . .are you interested in having a conversation?

I’m here to help you, this is my mission in life.

If you want to re-experience your prime and take on 2019, contact me.

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