Words Are Like Weapons

Words have many spices such as good intentions, justifications, excuses and duplicity — keep an eye on the effect, not the illusory nature of words.

Someone’s good intentions are often transformed into excuses, then into confusion and frustration for you. Laugh inwardly and base your next move on its outcome.

A critical strategy is to keep your next move silent because if you argue or call out their excuses, it engenders their insecurities and ego.

From there, words transform into weapons. 🔥

You’ve got better things to do than argue with fools, right?

If you want power, it’s critical to realise that dwelling on emotional hurt weakness and wears you down.

Never allow emotion to muddy the mind because this inwardly created emotion, is a weapon too.

However, you’re aiming it at yourself and executing your happiness and passion.

When you understand that words can be illusory, you will have a decided advantage to predict the outcome better and increase emotional intelligence.

Not all intentions are insidious; just don’t provide credence to peoples intentions at first glance.

Always judge intention based on its final effect, and again, laugh inwardly at their excuses.

Stay wise to the illusory nature of words 💯

Living Better, Faster, Stronger Is My Passion.

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