You don’t need elite genetics, and you sure as hell aren’t broken or weak!

I was reading a book called Evolve your brain by Dr Joe Dispenza, and he was talking about a region of the brain that’s speciality is performance.

He said:
“The prefrontal cortex is a cortical region related to the crowning achievement of our abilities in the areas of focus, innovation, creativity, speed and basically all human achievement and success makes it way through the prefrontal cortex. Working with the combined cortices, it gives each of its owners an individual, unique personality, and enables humans to live as great thinkers and innovators.”

Everything humans have achieved made is way through the cortex.

This to me was a critical insight, I knew I had to operate my physiology here more often.

He continued:
This is the brain area that is most active during our important periods of conscious, deliberate concentration. It is in this compartment that our true uniqueness as human beings exists. This area allows us to think beyond the needs of our body and the expectations of others when it functioning.

When I read that I knew I wasn’t in control, survival voices were, and they are not always loud. (more soon)

He went on to say:

“For example, all the automatic, repetitive programs that have been hardwired in the brain such as our behaviour, habits, attitudes, and tasks like walking, driving, using your iPhone or Android, combing our hair, and so on, are of no interest to the prefrontal cortex and could not perform these specialist tasks anyway. These easy, recurring behaviors, can be performed quite nicely without the involvement of the prefrontal cortex.”

Translation; we channel our thoughts towards survival, so we worry and cause a shift in our physiology towards cortisol and lower our DHEA growth index.

The militarily are invested in raising this index, are you?

This shuts the cortex off COLD!

The result, you cannot produce your best work because you’re handicapped.

So a lot of your hard work falls flat, and you’re distracted by survival thoughts which make you question everything.

This is when the worst in us emerges, we snap at our kids, our friends and partner – we reach for vices and falsely believe it’s us; it’s not.

Most people call this life or normal, it’s not!

Before October 2017, I did too, however, as I learned, what you don’t know you can’t fix.

Scientists call the cortical inhibition, and it has MANY causes.

I group them into two domains light and heavy sleepers.

Would you like to learn how to keep the CEO online?

Would this be helpful? Flowcharts!

SWOPP Performance Flowcharts

You follow the flowchart, click the solution button, and go to the solution.

Makes it straightforward, and stops the brain from overthinking and pulsing stress hormones.

More importantly still, you stop questioning your ability; instead, you follow the logic and go to the root cause and eliminate it.

How much frustration (cortical inhibition) will this save you?

How much less stress will you be feeling and your cells be bathed in causing you to feel like crap?

Consider powering up the crowning achievement into its role as innovator, creator and CEO.

Night now, you could be where I was in October 2017, are under the command of survival thinking as I did: You must struggle to win; yes, if you’re stressed.

When you understand it’s not your ability, and you’re not weak, your physiology is; and you can fix it.

What are survival voices?

Survival thoughts flood the body with stress hormones LOWERING your DHEA growth index and the mind with:

  • I’m hungry.
  • When did I last eat something?
  • What time is it?
  • How long before work is over?
  • I wonder if anythings happening on Facebook?
  • Why is my neck sore?
  • Why is that person looking at me?
  • How does my hair look?
  • Screw it, I’m getting something to eat.

In that soup of survival hormones, your physiology is set to underperform; to lose focus, and crowning achievement the cortex: OFFLINE.

Understand, you don’t need elite genetics, you don’t need supplements, and you sure as hell aren’t broken or weak!

Your physiology is, and that’s something you can fix!

To Your Success,

Mark – School4Success

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