You get a blood test done, the Dr says “you’re fine.”

Men, have you been frustrated after you visit your Dr and he/she says: “you are fine.”

But you feel like a weak man… and you know deep down something is seriously busted.

You think you’re eating right, but there’s still that nagging feeling that something is busted.

The muscle goes on slowly, if at all, but the body fat goes on easily.

Morning wood is few and far between, or maybe you haven’t had it in ages…

… not to mention your confidence and energy are kind of shit.


  • You get a blood test done, the Dr says “you’re fine.”
  • But your testosterone levels are low or average (you’re disappointed).
  • You ask your doctor questions about increasing T levels (you get a blank stare).
  • You go on a high-protein diet but still at low or average levels (you’re super frustrated).

You know deep down you’re still not right and have hit a brick wall (you feel lost).

What’s worse, you feel like you’re losing your edge… 

…and you’re not the man your family needs you to be. 

I felt the same way, that’s why I reached out to experts like Dr Anthony Jay, PhD and Dr Ken Berry.

In doing so, I FINALLY got off TRT, and now my testosterone and energy are consistently high, optimal, and naturally too. And I’m 51 soon!

So I created the Rebuild and Thrive Blueprint with Dr Anthony Jay, PhD. 

It is a systematic coaching program with full support to help you naturally increase your testosterone, energy and confidence.

Cortisol and thyroid hormone are other key hormones.

Oh, growth hormone too… and kisspeptin for a serious libido boost.

Next Sunday I will show you how Dr Jay helped me and other men get cortisol to healthy levels.

The following week is all about thyroid hormone. 

Thyroid hormone BOOSTS testosterone, fat burning and muscle gain through the fucken roof!

In a few more weeks we’ll talk about libido and morning wood!

That’s why I can power through my days like a beast in the gym, office and bedroom. 

Stay tuned.

Mark “Boosted” Iron

PS. If you want something more advanced than our book, we have 2 options below.

1) Head here to join our Rebuild and Thrive tribe of men. This is NEW! I will be doing live Q & A weekly. 

2) Want to get there faster with private coaching from me and Dr Jay. Book a call here.

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