You’re Not Here To Be Average

You’re not here to be average, I don’t believe for a second that, you or I are given this life to just pay the bills and die. You should NEVER believe or back that thought.

If you think of mistakes as seeds, and courage as water… then you have the ingredients for growth.

The biggest roadblock to getting there is worrying about what other people think.

There are two types of people out there; people who drag you down with their negative energy, and people who inspire you to take action and become better with their positive energy.

Make no mistake, the more people who know you in a positive way the more successful you will become.

The people who drag you down ask shallow questions, and shallow questions reveal the ego, not the intellect.

But the people who inspire you and ask deep and profound questions reveal their intellect and a beautiful mind.

There are no winners or losers out there, just different levels of mind.

And ANYONE can decide to change their energy and inspire people to become better and go after what’s theirs in the universe.

Is it possible for you to reach your big goal? FUCK yes!

Here’s the thing, when you go after what’s yours, not everyone’s going to resonate with your energy or agree with you, and some will try and tear you down but; not everyone matters. YOU matter, the last decade of your life matters.

One life, one vision… it’s your right to go after what’s your’s in the universe.

Here’s the awesome news.

Anyone who’s got a positive mindset, the people who get what life is about, they will inspire and help you because, great minds are driven by purpose and contribution, not the ego.

People who tear you down are driven by the ego, wanting to look superior and feel important.

That’s what drives haters but realise, there are no winners or losers in life, just different levels of mind, different energy and vibes.

Average minds that try and infer superiority over you are just trying to pull you down to their level because, they are threatened by you, maybe not at a conscious level but make no mistake, the elephant in their head is!

Your character is built upon what you do when your back is against the wall.

Haters celebrate victories because success for them feeds the ego; but I believe that success is getting back up when you’ve been slapped down, that is success and strength!

This is your life to own, and it’s a blessing – feel the soul strength.

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