You’re NOT Here be Average, Are You?

I have a question for you . . .

Would you prefer to finance your life’s mission and build a legacy for your family


. . . finance the war that’s playing out now inside your body stealing your focus, energy and ultimately, the life you want?

It’s where your energy, focus and best self is being diverted.

Researchers have now shown that’s where your energy and ultimately your legacy is going being financed, to attenuate cellular stress.

I thought I was playing a good game BUT, once I eliminated red stress my performance was high, the struggle was gone, and my passion, motivation and energy was where it was as a teenager. And I’m 47.

The reason for this MASSIVE change was my Pop passing from asthma, something that should NEVER have happened.

So, I’m on a mission, and I’ll talk about this midway through.

Back in October 2017, I had TWO problems: One, I had no clue my body was fighting these wars and two, the cost to me was HUGE; asthma, allergies and osteoarthritis which funded a hostile takeover my MOJO: DHEA and sex hormones, which led to 12 years on HRT.

I hated being reliant on HRT, and I felt embarrassed that I was.

That war I was unknowing financing was sending me broke, by consistently crashing my energy and mood.

I thought like everyone else; this is the cost of getting older. However, it’s not, it’s the cost of not following the new research.

I struggled to repay the interest because aldehydes, AGE’s and ALE’s (explanation below) were unknowingly coming in and putting the interest rate up and up.

This lack of this knowledge was keeping my performance average, and I thought like everyone else, I had to struggle and fight to win. . .

. . .and follow a to-do list to focus, and watch motivational videos to get motivated.


This is where your motivation and focus are sent when you feel like putting it off > To fund stress and crappy performance because cellular stress triggers inflammation, and inflammation takes you and your MOTIVATION OUT:

Eliminate Red Stress and give yourself an unfair advantage.

Because red stress will take you out slowly. . .


. . . a HASI (habitual automatic subconscious insecurities, basically our insecurities) will take you in the blink of an eye and push you towards more Red Stress like this:

And this is what happens in your 20s, 30s, and beyond – Don’t let this happen:

And guess what, Red Stress programs insecurities into your personality MUCH FASTER because the brain is set to Alarm and Avoidance.

How did you feel over the last week?

Are you enjoying consistent energy, focus and getting things done with vigour, love of life, and a profound feeling of confidence?

If not, consider eliminating Red Stress.

I want this to be as close to free as possible, I want to give everyone access to this new research and for one dollar, you can!

I believe EVERYONE show know how to eliminate Red Stress, so for one dollar, I have provided a map and comprehensive videos that my piers say is worth so much more because, this research helped me cure:

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • osteoarthritis
  • Blood pressure went from around 132/82 to 118/74
  • HRT which I was on for over 10 fucking (pardon my french) years!
My Pop died of Astham, this research would have saved his life!

My Pop died of Asthma, this research would have saved his life!

Again, I believe EVERYONE show know how to eliminate Red Stress, so for one dollar, it’s a no brainer.

Here’s your situation right now, this research is out, you can put it together yourself, however, I have put into a comprehensive red elimination series.

The researchers say it’s a double edge sword because the research isn’t mainstream yet, and it could take the Government a generation to implement it.

I’m not waiting, I am listening to the researcher because, and again, they cured this metabolic dysfunction for me that has

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • osteoarthritis
  • Blood pressure went from around 132/82 to 118/74
  • HRT which I was on for over 10 fucking (pardon my french) years!

You may not be where I was, and like myself before I got in-front of this cutting edge research, I had no clue I had a problem.

Is that where you are?

You could be experience energy and focus malfunctions, like a frog in water BUT, the water is getting hotter and metabolic dysfunction is a possibility:

You may think you’re performing, BUT you can go WAY beyond this average crap!

Consider for a moment, these now hidden to you red stressors, they are causing cellular stress which researchers say cause alarm and avoidance.

You see, ostensibly, most of us walk around in what we “think” is control, but what’s really in control are the BIG 3, they trigger the brain to crap out and go into a state researchers call alarm and avoidance triggered by inflammation.

Realise, inflammation is the root and triggers alarm and avoidance BUT, they’re many hidden red stressor (cellular stress) that trigger inflammation and take you out!

Would your time be better invested learning what they are so your performance, that is energy, focus, motivation and mood are ofter times where they need to be?

Once you eliminate red stress then mindset training is smooth and easy.

There are SEVERAL ways to improve the inflammatory response:

1) By turning down inflammatory signalling
2) By blocking two key enzymes, and without drugs!

Your body does this naturally, with a simple phospholipid bilayer ratio and dietary change.

Going geeky now but, the research is important!

This change will also increase your emotional resilience by increasing your cellular stress buffer via the COMT gene.

Your phospholipid bilayer is being constantly replaced, 40-60 billion cells every single day.

What you eat are the building materials your cells are FORCED to use.

If you put in AGE’s, ALE’s, aldehydes, estrogen mimics etc… that’s going to translate to cellular stress and crap performance.

You’ll just feel this as a mood or energy drop, or maybe loss of focus and a headache.

You can eliminate this, and I believe you know what must be done 🙂

BUT, exponentially worse still, those cheap ass building materials cause HIGHER-HARDER-FASTER pain and inflammation signalling.

And this leads to pulmonary fibrosis, asthma, joint pain and arthritis as the research has shown:

BUT, the researchers also show us what to do to cure this horrid metabolic dysfunction.

I cover this in the Omega series:

  1. [ELIMINATE-OMEGA#4] Protect Yourself From Cholesterol Domain Formation
  2. [ELIMINATE-OMEGA#3] Faster Metabolism AND Faster Brain
  3. [ELIMINATE-OMEGA#2] Improving hunger and easy fat loss
  4. [ELIMINATE-OMEGA#1] What the lipid scientists say about you MUST DO!

For example, if the omega 3 fat, DHA to incorporated into the phospholipid bilayer, that increases cell fluidity (speed) thus cognition, metabolism (fat loss), and protein synthesis; not just muscles, also collagen, skin and the like.

And if EPA is added to the phospholipid bilayer, that increases cell protection by preventing lipid peroxidation and cholesterol domain formation.

Ready to eliminate red stress?
Mark Iron – Metabolic snapshot V3

Another important point, if too much long-chain saturated fat is incorporated phospholipid bilayer, it sloooows every thing down. . . and so does excessive omega 6.

And another, if you don’t have optimal cofactors in the cellular ecosystem, genes, enzymes and pathways can’t work, and that is a HUGE stress in and of itself.

And the this cutting edge research provides people like you and I and unfair advantage to perform with focus, motivation and passion MUCH more consistently.

And remember, I have the map, and it’s over at patreon so you don’t have to spend 18 months putting it together as I have.

. . .it cost’s one dollar, and it always will because I want to help people perform and kick BUTT, build their empire and legacy for their family WITHOUT the brain crapping out.

Look at this shit below (pardon my french), just ONE incoming Red Stress (cellular stress) that’s crashing your performance, motivation and mood.

AGE’s and ALE’s:

If you’ll allow me, I can show you how to eliminate this shit from your life, and remember, this is just one, here are some others that’s stealing your performance.

it’s a battle ground out there!

It’s a battle ground out there, but it doesn’t have to be.

The BIG 3 are your roadblock to a profound performance upgrade that’ll have your energy, mood and focus where it must be . . .

. . . that is if you want success and to build a legacy for your family.

The three vectors to attenuate that trigger alarm and avoidance to crash your energy, motivation and mood:


1) Cellular stress (Red stress)
2) HASI’s – High ratio of insecurities to success skills
3) Hidden daily mind primes: I cover this in another series

Again, the BIG 3 all crash your energy, mood and motivation.

Bottom line: Loss of energy, motivation and mood are triggered by one of the BIG 3 that create a disconnect from the conscious and subconscious.

Step 1: Eliminate red stress.

I believe EVERYONE show know how to eliminate Red Stress so, I have provided a map and comprehensive videos that my piers say worth thousands.

Because it’s helped me overcome brain chaos and have consistent energy PLUS overcome metabolic dysfunction:

Here is what the research cured for me:

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • osteoarthritis
  • Blood pressure went from around 130/82 to 118/74
  • HRT which I was on for over 10 fucking (pardon my french) years!

Again, I want this to be as close to free as possible, I want to give everyone an unfair advantage.

I believe this is my legacy and calling in life.

This will ALWAYS be the cost of a cookie, so please consider enrolling.

I’ll give you the complete list of Red Stressors and show you a map and how to eliminate them for good.

Then step two is pretty easy when you have eliminated Red Stress:

Step 2: Change the balance of power (Insecurities to Success Skills). The researchers have gifted people like you and I a 3 step protocol, I’ve put it together for you.

Step 3: Take life on

I’m here to change lives by bringing the cutting edge research to you over at Patreon: So consider joining the community

To your Legacy and success

Mark Iron – School4Success

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