Because if a doctor says that your blood work is “fine” because it falls within the normal range, it is like saying that you passed a math test with a 50%.

– Your Testosterone

Are you tired of feeling fatigued, unmotivated, and apathetic? Do you struggle with low libido and difficulty achieving satisfaction? It might be time to take control of your hormones and your life.

As neuroscientist and Stanford professor, Dr Huberman, states, “There are men in their 90s. And they are not rare. As it turns out, they’re making as much testosterone and dihydrotestosterone as they were in their 20s.” So why should you settle for less?

Unfortunately, the system doesn’t care about your low testosterone. They prescribe medications that not only mask the problem; those meds lower testosterone further. The truth is, low testosterone levels can negatively affect your quality of life and cause considerable general health concerns.

Decreased energy and vitality, diminished physical or cognitive work performance, and increased sleepiness and fatigue are just a few of the symptoms that you may be experiencing.

By optimising your testosterone levels, you can reduce body fat, increase energy, mass muscle, sexual performance, and your effort in all areas of life. You can also increase your courage, confidence, and feeling of well being.

However, getting your testosterone levels back on track can be a daunting task, and it’s not as simple as taking a supplement.

Step one is to get a comprehensive metabolic blood panel to work out what’s wrong. That creates a framework to fix what’s busted in your metabolism. They system’s standard blood panel does not look at several key tests. What’s worse, those standard panels are too wide.

So when your Dr say your panels look fine, oftern they’re not and you feel like crap.

Because again, thinking your blood test is “fine” because it falls within “normal” ranges is like saying you nailed your Maths Test because you got 50%.

You can take control of your inner V8 and optimise our testosterone levels if you haven’t left it too late.

That’s hard to hear, but don’t just take our word for it. Dr.

Ken Berry, board-certified MD, warns that it’s often too late by the time you’ve become financially comfortable. You may have done so much damage to every tiny artery in your body that you’re now stuck with permanent erectile dysfunction, forgetfulness, insomnia, chest pain, and other issues.

Don’t let the system shortchange your potential. You deserve to live life on your terms and provide for your family.

Head here to book a free optimisation call to get your V8 grunt back.

We help men who feel like their losing their edge get it back. With a Ph.D. engineered blueprint to boost muscle mass, testosterone, and brain function, without complicated steps in as little as 8-weeks.

Because I know what it’s like to wake up in the morning, and not even want to get out of bed, let alone rise up and charge the day with fury.

And I know what it’s like to live in a fat frumpy Dad bod.

And think to yourself, my kids, they’re kind of embarrassed by me.

I know what it’s like to look in the mirror, and not even recognize yourself anymore.

I know what it’s like when your wife walks up to you… and her eyes well up with tears and she says to you: Don’t you find me attractive anymore?

And you’ve got no clue that your testosterone has crashed to the floor… and you’ve got no clue what to do.

I know what it’s like when your doctor tells you that there is nothing wrong with you…

but you feel like crap…

You feel ashamed and weak…

Now understand this… I’m 51. I’ve been on the block a few times, and I can tell you this.

You’re not broken.

You’re not average.

And you sure as hell aren’t weak.

The system has designed a lifestyle delivered to us as a Trojan horse to keep our testosterone down.

The system tells you to take meds that lower testosterone…

The system promotes a “food pyramid” that raises estrogen and lowers testosterone. And you have no idea this is even happening.

So figuring out how to get lean and muscular, and have consistent energy can be time-wasting and costly if it doesn’t work long-term.

You search online…

Stare at all the info.

This testosterone booster and that…

Your Dr says “You’re fine”…

And the months keep ticking by.

And then you’re stuck in monthly and year-long loops…

You feel like a lazy loser some days, and on others, you feel ok, but normally on the weekend!

Another week goes by.

And then another…

Some of us get sorta lean, but they still have got that belly fat…

So you keep searching, spinning your wheels, and feel like it’s a waste of your time.

I Know How You Feel… I felt The Same Way.

Einstein famously said this: blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth.

I learned this the hard way. My pop died of an asthma attack when I was 16.

And I thought in October 2017, that’s what was going to happen to me.

Shortly after that, I found Dr. Ken Berry, MD, and I learned the truth about the system.

The system gives advice, which drives a lot of modern diseases.

And all the medications that I was on to try and fix my asthma, arthritis, anxiety, and blood pressure, chronically lowered my testosterone.

When that happens, you lose your mojo for life, you lose your motivation, and you feel like a lazy loser.

I’m off all meds no at 51 and never felt better. I broke free of the system.

When I read Dr. Ken’s book lies my doctor told me, and look at all the new research in his book, I quickly realise that the system designs a lifestyle as a Trojan horse…

With testosterone lowering medications, and foods that decrease testosterone, and promote estrogen.

And over time, our testosterone plummets.

And guess what?

We’re told by the system to expect our testosterone and energy to decline.

That’s not the case, for men in their 50s Back in the 1940s, I learned from my friend and advisor, Dr. Anthony Jay, who did a five-year Ph.D. in hormones…

Men back in the 1940s had average testosterone of over double what it is today for men my age, 51.

If you do a little bit more searching in the scientific literature, you keep finding these Trojan horses.

They are hidden everywhere… it’s a midfield, all designed to control us so we become good little boys and do as we’re told…

We don’t push back we don’t stand up for what we believe in.

We slowly lose our mojo because we get used to it.

So by the time you get to 30 or 40, you start losing your mojo in the gym, you lose your mojo in the bedroom with your wife, you lose your mojo in business… and you don’t reach your full potential.

You can get your mojo and fury back, but it requires a big lifestyle change.

But back when I had super low testosterone, severe anxiety, and shit motivation…

The system said to me: “you’re fine… this is normal.” 

It ain’t normal… in fact, on a podcast with professor Andrew Huberman, he said and I quote:

This is what testosterone does for men

when you get it to consistently high levels naturally…

and you can as I and many men Dr Anthony Jay, PhD have helped.

testosterone facts

As you can see:

  • a ripped and muscular body
  • the grit to keep moving forward
  • and courage are the signature of optimal testosterone

Testosterone is a critical hormone you need for success in business, in the gym, in the bedroom, and in life.

Imagine for a moment that you are a top CEO.

You have the car, the status, the dream life.

One day, you start to feel like you are losing your edge.

What do you think will get your edge back?

Isn’t it obvious?

Get your testosterone and masculine fury back.

Understand, you’re not anxious, broken, or weak…

the system bankrupted our V8 hormones—and you can get them back.

I learned that we don’t rise to the day, we fall to the level of our hormones.

Testosterone is the V8 grunt that men need, the fuel to power through your day.

Testosterone is the fuel of men. It’s what makes us strong, confident, and successful. Men need testosterone to live their best lives.

This is NOT your fault, and you CAN fix it.

The first step is to become a free thinker and question the system because you’re missing out.

As Einstein said, blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth.

Are you ok living with your mojo and your potential declining?